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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Trump to make China visit subsequent to facilitating Xi for talks

US President Donald Trump has acknowledged his partner Xi Jinping's welcome to make a visit to China, said Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Mr Trump is facilitating the Chinese president for a two-day visit at his Mar-a-Lago bequest in Florida.

In any case, the meeting gave off an impression of being conciliatory, with both pioneers consenting to another organization for US-China talks.

Mr Tillerson said President Trump's trek to China would be a "state visit" in 2017, yet gave no different subtle elements.

"Both the environment and the science between the two pioneers was sure... every one of us are feeling great about the consequences of this summit," said Mr Tillerson.

The pioneers of the world's two most effective economies consented to a 100-day plan to examine exchange talks coordinated at boosting US fares and lessening Washington's exchange shortfall with China, as indicated by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

"Given the scope of issues and the extent, that might be aspiring, however it's a major ocean change in the pace of discourse," Mr Ross told journalists.

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bana Alabed: Syrian tweeting girl pens letter to Trump

Bana Alabed, the seven-year-old Aleppo girl known worldwide for her tweets from Aleppo, has written an open letter to Donald Trump.

"You must do something for the children of Syria because they are like your children and deserve peace like you," she wrote.
Bana escaped Aleppo with her family in December during the mass evacuations, and is now living in Turkey.

Her twitter account became famous for its messages from besieged east Aleppo.

Her mother, Fatemah - who helps run the account - sent the text of the letter to the BBC.

She said Bana wrote it days before President Trump's inauguration, because "she has seen Trump many times on the TV".


Monday, 23 January 2017

TPP, explained: What is the Trans-Pacific Partnership that President Trump is withdrawing from?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was pitched as fuel for American exporters in their global competition.

President Trump, by signing an executive order Monday to abandon the TPP, decided — as he’s said for months — that his priority is to slow the tide of jobs leaving the United States and to experiment with other protectionist measures before providing a leg-up to American companies seeking cheaper labor abroad.

The order on his first full day in office underscores the urgency of the Trump administration to signal a hard pivot toward an economic policy centered on jobs. TPP proponents say boosting exports and opening markets for U.S. companies will lead to more jobs, not less.

Trump wields his presidential pen, signing memos on trade, hiring, abortion
• The TPP is a comprehensive trade agreement among 12 Pacific Rim countries, not including China, that was signed last year by President Obama after seven years of negotiation. But the Senate had not yet ratified it. The 30-chapter pact, which also needed to be ratified by other countries before Trump's order Monday, primarily aims to boost exports, remove tariffs and non-tariff  barriers, open access to more markets and usher in transparency in trade rules.

• Other countries part of the TPP, in addition to the U.S., are Australia, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Vietnam, Chile, Brunei, Singapore and New Zealand. These countries represent about 40% of the value of goods and services produced worldwide, according to government data. “It levels the playing field by setting the highest enforceable standards and by removing barriers to selling our goods overseas,” Obama wrote last year in an editorial for The Washington Post.


Thursday, 19 January 2017

Trump is right. He didn’t create the country’s divisions. But will he heal them?

“We meet on democracy’s front porch, a good place to talk as neighbors and as friends,” George H.W. Bush said from the expansive West Front of the Capitol moments after taking the presidential oath in 1989. “For this is a day when our nation is made whole, when our differences, for a moment, are suspended.”

That is the imagined ideal of Inauguration Day, a time of coming together in the spirit of national unity. It is a theme that President-elect Donald Trump sounded shortly after accepting a concessionary phone call from Hillary Clinton on the night he won the presidency — “Now it is the time for America to bind the wounds of divisions,” he said. — and likely a sentiment he will express again when he takes the oath Friday.

It is customary for incoming chief executives to do so as they speak to the country for the first time as its leader. But after a rancorous campaign that exposed the raw nerves of partisans on both sides, that was fought over elemental questions of character, honesty, temperament and national identity, and that saw the Russians interfere in the process, Trump’s America is as deeply divided as it has been in years and has no signs of a reconciliation on the horizon.